Saturday, September 1, 2012

Segreto Secrets – the RDH September Blog of the Month

There are several blogs I follow which truly get me excited when I see a new post has been published.  These blogs are filled with a multitude of beautiful images, lots of inspiration, along with well written and thought out text.  I learn something new each time I visit and many times find myself going back to reread the posts again and again.  Segreto Secrets, the RDH September blog of the month is one of these special blogs.

Many of you may be familiar with Leslie Sinclair and Segreto Finishes through Leslie’s book Segreto: The Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.

It is a fabulous 300 page book filled with incredible photos of some of Segreto Finishes best projects.  The book is full of inspiration and shares the secrets to fine finishing and how it can transform a room.

I purchased my copy a while back and have to agree with all the positive reviews I have seen. The book is truly wonderful! (A link to purchase the book is available on Leslie’s blog.)

Segreto Finishes is located in Houston Texas and offers a wide variety of decorative painting and plastering on almost any surface you can imagine – walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinets and more.

Leslie’s company has rightly received national acclaim and has been published in many leading décor magazines including Veranda, Beautiful Homes, Southern Living, and Houston Lifestyle and Home.  Below (and scattered throughout this post) are a few of my favorite photos of her work.

One of the biggest changes at Segreto Finishes is their new office space.  For years, Leslie has been working from her home and recently purchased and renovated a 1950’s ranch. This project is the perfect illustration of how transformative Leslie’s work can be.  Here is the house before:

Here is the new office today.

What an amazing difference.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

Office Entrance

New Office Space

There are many more incredible projects to see at Segreto Secrets so please be sure to visit Leslie and leave a comment letting her know you stopped by.  (Leslie also has a business website filled with more amazing pictures which can be found here.)  She is super nice and would be thrilled!  Segreto Secrets is one of my favorite blogs and I know you will love it too!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Stunning spaces, Stacy! I love that dining room. said...

Wow Stacy. Just incredible. I'm putting her book at the top of my must have list. That ranch transformation is spectacular. Good for her! I love seeing women succeed.

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Hi Stacy,
Segreto's finishes are indeed beautiful, and I love that the color palettes used are generally muted. The interiors look very serene.
Have a great weekend,

carolyn bradford said...

There hasn't been anything I've ever seen that I didn't love when I see Segreto's pictures of their work! It is always incredible and makes me wish they were right here in Birmingham! Loved everything you showed us on this post! Have a great weekend!

Woodside Park said...

Stacy -
Fabulous pick! I'm a huge fan of Leslie's work and blog. I have told Leslie that I'd love to collaborate with her on a future job. Waiting for the right client ;) Thanks for featuring Segreto.

Stephanie said...

I bought her book on Amazon in the beginning of the year and she sent me a hand written note inside. That was so sweet. I also sent one of her books as a gift to someone recovering from surgery. I never thought to check out her blog. Thanks Stacy.

designchic said...

We have her book and love what she does with finishes...great blog pick!

Karena said...

Stacy a wonderful review and it does seem everything Leslie and her team touches turns to gold!

Her book is felled with a lifetime of ideas and finishes!

Art by Karena

Becca Bertotti said...

What stunning spaces ... I'm in awe! Thanks for sharing.

for the love of a house said...

hi Stacy! Love Leslie and her work. She is so very talented!
happy weekend!

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