Monday, September 27, 2010

Drapery Hardware Jackpot!

I feel like I won the lottery – well almost! In my search for curtain fabric and hardware for my newly painted (formerly red) room, I came across a terrific bargain at Calico Corners.

As most of you are probably aware, many Calico Corners stores no longer carry large bolts of fabric. They have small bolts from which samples can be cut but you can’t take yardage of fabric home – everything has to be ordered. Based on my recent visit, I am guessing they are applying this same philosophy to their drapery hardware selection as well.

In order to clear out inventory, my local CC store had all drapery hardware on sale for 75% off.

Yes, this included the Antique Drapery Rod Company products – one of my very favorite brands. If you are familiar with this company you know their products are beautiful but a bit on the pricey side.
2" Acanthus Ball Finial

Since I have four windows in my room, I figured there was no way I would find enough of everything to outfit each window. However, luck was with me and I was able to piece together four components of everything I needed to dress my windows at clearance prices except for two sets of finials and the curtain rings.

The pieces are the same but the finishes are not. Not a problem as my plan is to paint everything white – probably with a glaze to add some depth. When I am finished no one will know the difference!

So what was my total cost? For four sets of brackets, four fluted rods and four sets of acanthus ball finials I paid $160. This includes having to order two sets of finials at full price of $38 each. I have to say I was so elated to have saved about $300.

The next step is finalizing the curtain fabric. I have narrowed my choices down to two options and will share them with you soon. I also have a quick tutorial planned on how to hang drapery hardware.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Tour of My Family's Home Office

Several months ago, I participated in Remodelaholic's virtual house tour series in which I shared my family's home office.  Since I have not shown this space on Red Door Home before and because many of you might have missed the original guest post, I thought it might be fun to republish one of my favorite and most used spaces in my house

Originally my daughter’s nursery, my family's home office is probably the most personal area in our home. It is here we display pictures, artwork, and mementos from vacations. It is also a space which houses several items with sentimental meaning.

One of my favorite features is the bulletin board showcasing my collection of vintage earrings, pins and shoe clips. My Grandmother loved this type of jewelry and several of the pieces belonged to her. If you look closely at the second picture you can see I collected initial pins spelling “Red Door Home.”

Another favorite feature is the capiz shell light. Purchased on line from Target, it adds an unexpected modern touch to what is a fairly traditional space.

Our family office is a room that has been decorated over time mostly by repainting, reusing and repurposing. The desk is a hand-me-down which I painted and glazed. The chair is a roadside find, which I finished to match the desk. The shelf and bulletin board are new purchases, also painted to look old.

Other painting projects in this room include the lamp (originally brass), the mirror (originally gold leaf), the stool (painted and recovered with vintage feed sack material) and the wainscoting which my husband and I installed. The small trunk is a flea market find and is used for storing papers, magazines, supplies, etc.

Although a majority of the time spent in this room is at the computer, the focal point is the antique Swedish settee. Years ago, I purchased it to go at the end of our bed. After getting it home I realized it was too big and it ended up in the office instead – lucky mistake! Another hand-me-down is the coffee table. It too belonged to my Grandmother. On top of the table sits a child’s chair from a favorite local shop and a pitcher which belonged to a childhood neighbor.

The final piece of furniture in the office is the bookcase. When I purchased it, I was looking for something with display space and filing space. Although it does fit perfectly and is a nice piece of furniture, part of me wishes I had waited to find an older piece.

As you can see, the furnishings and accessories in my family’s office have come from a wide variety of sources. It is a room that has evolved over time and is now filled with many wonderful memories. I guess if you are patient and use what you love somehow everything will work together!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Like Finding an Old Friend

I was looking through the real estate section of our local newspaper the other day and came across a house listing which is near and dear to my heart.

Not only is the outside architecture of this house strikingly similar to my house, but the inside holds a special connection as well.

You see, this beautiful property’s owner was one of my very first clients. We met by chance at the fabric store – Calico Corners I believe. We both seemed to be gravitating to the same fabrics and struck up a conversation while we were shopping. It turned out she was looking to have window treatments, bedding, shower curtains, and pillows made for her newly purchased house and I had just decided to start my sewing business. A perfect match!

Imagine my surprise when I visited the online listing and found most of the things I had made almost seven years ago were still there. Here are a few of the photos in which you can see some of the things I created:

Just like finding and reconnecting with an old friend, it was such a treat for me to find this listing. It reminded me of how far I have come, how my style has evolved, and how much fun this whole process has been.

The fact a chance meeting in a fabric store would give me the courage to pursue a passion and lead me to where I am today, still amazes me. This first job was one of those coincidental moments I feel was meant to be - someone was looking over me, telling me to forget my insecurities and just go for it.

So, where did your story begin? What did it take for you to start your business or blog? Each of us has a story to tell. I would love to hear yours!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bye Bye Red Room

I took advantage of the long holiday weekend to begin my red room makeover project. The first step in this transformation is of course painting.

We emptied most everything out of the room, covered what was left in plastic and then filled and sanded all the holes in the walls.

I gathered the painting crew and we began by priming. The people at Sherwin Williams recommended using drywall primer followed by two coats of paint. The primer was definitely thinner than other paint I have used but seemed to do the job.

Once the primer dried it was on to the paint. I decided to use my favorite wall color which also happens to be the same color as the rest of my house – SW Aria Ivory. (Yes, this is the same color Miss Mustard Seed painted her dining room. Click HERE to read more about Aria Ivory and the color connection we share.) I know some of you might be disappointed I did not choose to a “different color” but I decided to go with something that has stood the test of time for me.

So here is a reminder of what the room looked like before:

This is what the room looks like now:

It is a big change with just a coat of paint - so much brighter and lighter. The room feels like a much happier space and has a definite Scandinavian vibe to it now. I am truly pleased with the progress already.

Gone are the dark red valences along with the skirted table, brass lamps and most of the accessories. I would like to replace the coffee table at some point but until I find something else it will have to stay.

Next up is window treatments to which there are two components – fabric and hardware.

I plan to visit fabric stores this week along with searching the internet to see what I can find. (If you have any great sources please let me know.) I am leaning towards simple panels with perhaps some sort of decorative edging. Having no real plan, this of course is all subject to change if I come across a patterned fabric that I fall head over heels for!

Then there is the window hardware. With so many choices – wrought iron, wood, painted, etc. – it is hard to know where to begin. I want something simple and in keeping with the style of the room. With four windows, cost is also a big consideration.

So wish me luck. For me, this is the most fun part of the project. I am what some might call a “fabricaholic.” I can spend days looking at fabric and will take my time before making my final decision.

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