Monday, August 22, 2011

Built-in Cabinets and a Better Homes and Gardens Photo Shoot!

Happy Monday!  I Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was very busy but super fun with what seemed like an endless whirlwind of activity.

The flurry of excitement began on Wednesday with the arrival of several people who were involved with a Better Homes and Gardens location photo shoot at my house.  (Yes, I know I kept it a secret!)

A few weeks ago my home was chosen to be used as back drop for a holiday floral feature.  So for three days my house looked like the photo below.

Lots and lots of flowers!  It was a tremendous experience and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to observe a very talented group of professionals as they all worked together to create the most incredibly beautiful flower arrangements.

Then first thing Saturday morning the carpenter arrived to install the built-in cabinets on either side of the fireplace.   After two continuous days of work there is still more to be done.  I am so pleased with how they are turning out and can’t wait to start accessorizing.

He will be back next weekend to do touch up painting and install the doors.  Until then, here is a little sneak peek as to how the cabinets look so far.

So that is just a little hint of what I have been up to.  I promise to share more information soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A French Bench

A while back I mentioned I was beginning the process of “un-matching” the master bedroom.  I have grown tired of the suite of furniture my husband and I purchased many years ago and now want something with a more collected feel.

Well I am happy to say I have found the first piece for my bedroom redesign – a perfectly imperfect French bench!

I discovered this beauty on Craig’s list and jumped at the chance to exchange the mission style bench which previously occupied the space at the end of the bed for this one with much more character and patina.

The biggest changes to this room, of course, are still to come - replacing the carpet with hardwood flooring, purchasing a new bed, etc.  Until then, however, I will enjoy this first step towards creating the look I have envisioned for this space.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Painting is not an Option

Whether you are a long time follower or new to Red Door Home, you have most likely figured out I am not shy when it comes to wielding a can of spray paint.  I have painted lamps, tables, chairs, mirrors, stools, light fixtures and much more.

So it may come as a little bit of a surprise to know there are times when I believe painting is not always the best answer to making over a piece of furniture.  Case in point is the display cabinet shown below in my kitchen.

Womens Day Budget Decorating – Photographer,  Michael Partenio
Stylist – Donna Talley, Regional Producer and Editor for Meredith Publications

 While I love the lines of the cabinet, I could do without the large expanse of oak wood.  (You may have noticed a theme here in my kitchen eating area.)  Since painting is not an option, several ideas on how to “fix” this cabinet have come to mind.
via Restoration Hardware
I thought about sanding and waxing the wood – similar to the Restoration Hardware furniture shown above.  A second idea which I playerd around with - and just did not work - was adding fabric or paper to the back of the cabinet like the photo shown below.
via Martha Stewart
In the end, however, the best option for me was simply to change out the contents of the cabinet.

By relocating my blue and white transferware to the dining room and replacing it with my collection of white ironstone mixed with a few pieces of silver and mercury glass, the cabinet immediately felt lighter and brighter.

Big changes without any expense – the best kind of makeover!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Completed Projects Sneak Peek

It seems whenever I return home from a vacation I suddenly am re-energized and ready to tackle all the projects I have had on my mind but have yet to complete.  I usually make a list while riding in the car on my return trip home and then once back, I go, go, go until most of the items are done.  (Does anybody else do this?)

Unfortunately, however, while I have been very busy getting lots of things accomplished, I have not been quite as diligent about writing posts about them.  So my plan this weekend is to get caught up on all the details of what I have been up to lately.

In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek of what I have been working on.

Look for all these projects and more soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August RDH Blog of the Month – Velvet and Linen

Today I am thrilled and honored to be featuring Velvet and Linen as the August Red Door Home blog of the month!

Velvet and Linen is written by Brooke Giannetti – a talented designer whose decorating style favors Belgian and Swedish antiques mixed with industrial and outdoor elements.  
via Velvet and Linen
via Velvet and Linen

Her beautiful and unique aesthetic has been showcased in The New York Times, HGTV, numerous publications – including the most recent article in Veranda magazine – as well as in the just released book, Patina Style, she co-wrote with her husband, architect Steve Giannetti.
Pink Bathroom featured in The New York Times
Veranda photo featuring paintings by Steve Giannetti
The book features beautiful photographs and wonderfully written text which delve into the Giannettis’ philosophy of “life isn’t about the things you own but about the experiences you have with them.”
Patina Style introduction via Velvet and Linen
I read Patina Style from cover to cover and truly enjoyed learning about the various elements which define Patina Style as well as studying the fabulous pictures - discovering new design inspirations each time.  If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I highly recommend you do.
via Velvet and Linen
One of the projects I am most looking forward to following on Velvet and Linen is the construction of the Giannettis’ new dream home, Patina Farm.  Not too long ago, Brooke and Steve purchased a piece of property in Ojai, California.  Brooke has graciously been sharing the process of this exciting venture including the house plans shown below and details of a recent trip she took to with her family Belgian.
Patina Farm drawing by Steve Giannetti

Model of Patina Farm
Besides all of the above, Brooke and Steve have also collaborated on many celebrated design projects, own a store called Giannetti Home, and design their own line of custom furniture.  Add in the fact Steve is an accomplished painter and you can see why this duo has gained such national attention in the design world.
Fifi Chair by Giannetti Home Furniture
Finally, I could not end this feature without mentioning the chickens.  I, along with many other Velvet and Linen followers, have been captivated by them ever since they arrived at the Giannettis’ home nearly six months ago.
via Velvet and Linen
The Giannettis created a chicken garden complete with the coop shown below to house the latest addition to their family.
via Velvet and Linen
Thank you, Brooke for allowing me to feature your wonderful blog.  I honestly think I could have devoted two or three more posts to Velvet and Linen and I still would not have been able to include all the honors and projects the Giannettis have received and completed.
Be sure to stop by Velvet and Linen to see more fabulous design inspiration!
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