Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Beach Inspired Stockings

Every summer I am fortunate to spend time at the beach with my family where one of my favorite activities is looking for shells.  I love to stroll on the sand searching for treasures and inevitably end up coming home with bags of shells – mostly white of course.

The shells find their way into various jars and bowls around my house and have provided great inspiration for a few craft projects as well.  Remember last year when I used a group of oyster shells to make a decorative ball? (Complete instructions can be found HERE.)

This year my bags of shells inspired me to create a line of nautical inspired Christmas stockings!

Each design is made from burlap and features a different shell.

They look great as a grouping of all the same design as well as a mix of all three styles. To learn more about these new designs and to see additional stockings please visit my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Use a Vintage Printer Tray for Jewelry Display

The first picture from the photo shoot which was held at my house back in April has been published in Better Homes and Gardens 100 Ideas Real Rooms.

It features Regional Editor and Producer for Meredith Publications, Donna Talley’s fun and clever idea for using a vintage printer tray to display jewelry.

 Better Homes and Gardens 100 Ideas Real Rooms / Photographer - John Bessler
Stylist - Donna Talley, Regional Editor and Producer for Meredith Publications

Vintage printer trays like the one used for this project can easily be found online at sites like Etsy and Ebay, as well as at flea markets.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there is sure to be one which will meet your needs.

Donna graciously shared her step by step instructions so that you too can create a display for your favorite baubles.

1) Decide which jewelry you would like to display and then create a spot for each piece. It's okay if some of the printer's tray spaces are tiny - they can be removed with a quick couple of whacks with a small hammer. Take a photo of the jewelry in the spaces you would like them to go into so you'll remember what goes where.

2) Once all the designated slats are removed, lightly sand the tray and wipe with a damp cloth to remove all dust.

3) Spray tray with two coats of desired color, letting dry between coats.

 Better Homes and Gardens 100 Ideas Real Rooms / Photographer - John Bessler
Stylist - Donna Talley, Regional Editor and Producer for Meredith Publications

4) To line the little cubbies, I selected a book of craft paper from A.C. Moore. The one I used is called "The Linen Closet Stack" - these are beautiful papers that look like fabrics - linen, damask, etc. I measured each cubby and then measured the paper and attached with clear glue. Mix up the paper patterns to create a pretty effect from afar. Try to select papers that won't compete with the jewelry - the paper should complement, not compete with, the baubles!

5) To hang the jewelry, I used screw-in gold hooks in various sizes. Using a wire cutter and a hot glue gun, I clipped off the screw end of each of the hooks (it's impossible to screw into those really small cubbies!) I attached the screw-less hooks with a dab of hot glue. Press in place for a few seconds and let dry completely before hanging jewelry.

 Better Homes and Gardens 100 Ideas Real Rooms / Photographer - John Bessler
Stylist - Donna Talley, Regional Editor and Producer for Meredith Publications

6) Finally, to finish off the piece, I attached a pair of picture hangers on each end of the back and threaded a large wire ribbon through the back and added a bow at the top.

So pretty and simple!  My favorite take away from this project is using jewelry as art.  I have my jewelry stored in a box and love the idea of displaying it not only for easy access but as a pretty “picture” as well.

Thank you Donna for sharing!  There are more great ideas to come from the photo shoot.  I will be sure to let you know when they are published.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dreamy Whites - RDH July Blog of the Month

It seems the older I become the more simplified my design style grows.  Perhaps that is why I have become such a fan of French farmhouse decorating.  I am not talking the yellow, blue and red color scheme most often identified with French farmhouse design.  It is the light, bright and airy style where vintage textiles, painted furniture and zinc accessories are incorporated into a wonderful white palette that I love.

So today I am thrilled to introduce you to Dreamy Whites the Red Door Home July blog of the month and a favorite resource of mine for French farmhouse inspiration.

Dreamy Whites is owned by Maria Carr – a stay at home mom to five who lives in Northern California on a horse ranch. 

Maria’s French farmhouse inspired home is stunningly beautiful.  Take a look below at some of my favorite pictures.  (Yes, the photography is amazing too!)

Maria also has an online shop called Dreamy Whites.  Her store includes many of the beautiful pieces which she uses in her own home such as vintage linens and baskets, antique furniture, lavender pillows, Christmas décor and so much more!

One of my favorite aspects of Maria’s decorating style is the elegant simplicity she brings to her home.  She limits the paint colors of both the furniture and walls to well selected shades of white with an occasional bit of gray.  She also never distresses the paint on her furniture.  With five kids she says that the furniture becomes naturally distressed over time!  

There is so much more to see at Dreamy Whites so I hope you will stop by for a visit.  

Also be sure to congratulate Maria on her home being included in Better Homes and Gardens’ latest publication – New Cottage Style.  I have not found a copy of this book yet but it is definitely on my list of books to buy!

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