Monday, November 1, 2010

Funny French Looking Side Table

I mentioned earlier, when it comes to decorating I usually take the unplanned approach. I tend to dive into projects and then figure out all the missing details later. (Perhaps this is why I can never declare rooms in my house completely finished? I have no ending point!) Finding things rather than actively searching for specific items is great fun for me. So a few weekends ago I was thrilled to add another piece of the puzzle to my living room redo.

I came across this funky table at one of my favorite local shops – Schuyler Pond Home and Garden. It is a funny little French looking table with a marble top. It almost looks unbalanced as the top is bigger than the bottom. I think it was this quirkiness which made me like it in the first place. After close inspection, Mr. RDH believes it was pieced together from two different tables. Oh well!

When I first placed it in the room I was convinced the gold metal legs needed to be painted. Black? White? Pewter? I could not decide so I did nothing. After living with the table for a little while I am now leaning towards leaving it as is – at least for a bit longer. The finish mimics that of the mirror and chandelier and has grown on me. As you know I am always up for painting project but for now this one will have to wait.

Update: Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion in my curtain fabric dilemma. I have made my decision – a secret for now – and will be showing you the new curtains soon!


Pine Tree Home said...

I agree that leaving it as is is the way to go. It's unusual and looks good just as she is.

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks cute to me!


That is actually one table? I thought it was one stacked on top of another. Very interesting. Are those totem pole like legs between the two?

Red Door Home said...

Yes, this is one table. The top set of legs are cast metal with a pretty pattern which is hard to see in the pictures.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

That's definitely a unique and quirky table - and that's what makes it a great addition to your room :-) Every room need a bit of whimsy and/or something unexpected.

Looking forward to seeing the fabric that you selected for your curtains :-)


Living It At Home said...

I think I do things the same way you do! Dive in without a plan. Lovely little table and I like the finish as is. Your home is coming along nicely!

Holly said...

I LOVE this table...I would have snatched it up for sure...kind of classic but still fun and quirky.

I think I decorate like you do! LOVED the opening paragraph.

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