Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flowers – The Bouqs Company

I love fresh flowers and would have them in my house every day if I could.  To me, flowers bring life and happiness to a room.  There is something about a bouquet of flowers that just makes me smile!

Flowers are also my favorite way to let the special people in my life know I am thinking about them.  For Christmas each year, my sisters and I send flowers to my mom every month.  Of course I like to receive flowers too!  So when the people at TheBouqs offered to send flowers for me to review I decided to give them a try.

I did a bit of research before saying yes and loved the fact that The Bouqs flowers come from farms that treat the environment and their workers with care and respect.  They cut only what they sell and the flowers are shipped directly to you – fresh.  Bouquets start at forty dollars but you can double the number of flowers for only ten dollars more.  Two dozen roses for fifty dollars – wow! This price also includes shipping to all parts of the United States.  A bonus for me was that there are no vases, chocolates, balloons, etc. – simple and straight forward.

I placed a double order of the “Above and Beyond” bouquet and received an email confirming my order and another letting me know they were on the way.  The flowers arrived on time and carefully packaged.

The roses were beautiful and just as pictured.  They took a day or two to open up but once they did they were stunning.  I followed the directions included in the package – using the included cut flower food and changing the water as directed.  Over a week after they arrived I still had a lovely bouquet of flowers on my table.  Even my husband was impressed!

So overall my experience with The Bouqs Company was a positive one.  The ordering process was simple and easy, there were no hidden fees or extras, the flowers arrived on time and they were beautiful.  So with Mother’s Day just around the corner I now know where I will be purchasing my flowers from.

Disclosure:  The Bouqs provided the flowers for my review.  All opinions are my own and are a reflection of my own personal experience with The Bouq’s company - yours may be different.  This post also contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and place an order I will receive a small compensation.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Inside Our new House

I have to admit I had a hard time deciding how to go about sharing the inside of our new house.  It has been non-stop work since we moved in nine months ago (we have done a majority of work ourselves) yet we still have years of work ahead.  At times I have felt overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, but looking back at where we started makes me realize just how much we have accomplished.

So instead of an entire post dedicated to “non-pretty” before pictures, I decided I would share some before and in-progress pictures (since nothing is ever truly finished!) of the rooms we have worked on to date.  We are lucky in that we were able to use most of the furniture and curtains from our previous house in this house.  Some things just did not work and have been placed in the yard sale pile and others ended up in different rooms, but overall I am pleased with how these rooms are coming along.

The Dining Room Before

The Dining Room Today

We painted the walls BM White Dove and the built-in china cabinet was painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Several of the sconces had to be relocated to different places on the walls to accommodate our furniture and we also switched out the light fixture.  At some point I would like to add crown molding and have glass put in the panels of the top doors of the china cabinet.

The Back Staircase Before

The Back Staircase In Progress

The Back Staircase Today

We removed the carpeting and did the best we could to stain the steps to blend in with the original finish.  The spindles, risers and trim were painted with a white semi-gloss paint and the walls were painted BM White Dove.  A gallery wall of mirrors was also started – hopefully one day the entire wall will be filled with mirrors from floor to ceiling.

The Breezeway Before

The Breezeway Today

The wallpaper border was removed and the walls were painted BM White Dove.  The biggest change was the floor.  We replaced the ceramic tile with slate.  The slate continues into the rec room (shown below) as well as a bathroom, the hallway leading to the kitchen and the laundry room.  These spaces were a mix of two different types of tile, linoleum and carpet.  Changing them to all one material made a huge difference in the flow of the rooms.

The Rec Room Before

The Rec Room Today

As I mentioned above, this room received a new slate floor in place of the mix of carpet and tile.  We removed the wallpaper border and painted the walls BM White Dove.  Hollow stained closet doors and a bathroom door were also replaced with white painted panel doors and new unlacquered brass hardware.

So there you have a few of the rooms we have been working on – more to come I promise!  There is still much to be done even in all of the above spaces as we still need to paint all the moldings and baseboards, replace the windows and install the quarter round in the rooms with the slate.  Then of course there is also the issue of the textured ceilings – ugh!
Finally as a side note, I am curious to hear from any of you who have moved to know at what point your “new house” became just “your house.”  We have been here for nine months (yes we are still unpacking and organizing!) and I still am calling this our new house.
Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter!

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