Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seven Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your House

Older homes exude charm. They contain custom details and design elements which for the most part are not present in the new homes of today. So how do you achieve this vintage look inside your new home?

Here are a few of my favorites - many of which I have incorporated in my own home.

Light Fixtures
Although there are many quality reproductions available at various price points, there is just something special about the real thing. A word of caution = be sure to check the wiring before installing as most vintage fixtures will need to be updated.

Cottage Style 2010

This vintage light fixture hangs in our living room –a great alternative to can lights.

Use them for their intended purpose, mirrors, headboards or decorative accents.

We found this pair while our house was being built and had the builder install them instead of the planned French doors.

A great design detail to use for headboards and folding screens. One of my favorite aspects of shutters is that they are usually found in a variety of colors.

House Beautiful 2010

Beautiful Homes 2004

Install them as a permanent fixture in your home or use them as a design element.

Renovation Style 2008

Cottage Style 2010

Architectural pieces
Old ceiling tins, corbels, windows – the list goes on and on. My favorite and probably the easiest way to add vintage charm to your home.


French Country 2009

Traditional Home 2006

Another vintage item which can be used for its original purpose or turned into shelving, headboards, and more.

Big Style for Small Rooms 2010

Cottage Style 2010

Counters / Bars / Built-in Cabinets
If you are lucky enough to have the space for these beauties, they undoubtedly become the focal point of any room.

Cottage Style 2010

An English Pub installed as a counter in this homeowner’s basement.

Beautiful Homes 2008

A built-in cabinet in our dining room which was removed from a local real estate office.

A grain bin from an old general store which we use for storage in our kitchen.

These are only a few of the many possibilities. What is your favorite way to add vintage charm to your home? Have you incorporated any of these ideas in your décor? I would love to hear your ideas!

Note: Always use caution when bringing vintage painted pieces into your home (especially if you have children) as they may contain lead paint.


the old white house said...

So many great ideas, and I love every one of them! Theresa xoxo

Becca Ross said...

I love these ideas. We have a boring newer home, with no history or detail. Thanks for the inspiration!


Pine Tree Home said...

I like classic, time worn architectural pieces. Great inspiration.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love the grain bin in your home, it's a wonderful piece. Thanks for all the great ideas and lovely photos.


Abby M. Interiors said...

I love every image on here! What a great post. That velvet & linen dinning room is breathtaking.

I finally added you to my "blog love" list. :-)

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

I just found you and love your blog! I'm following and look forward to learning new things from you!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

What a great collection of inspiring pics! Love all the inspiration!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

Great ideas! I absolutely love architectural salvage pieces. When I bought my antique chandelier, I considered asking the guy for a part-time job, just so I could be surrounded by all those gorgeous old light fixtures, doors, etc. :)

The enchanted home said...

Like all of your ideas and are so amazing in their ability to help shape our ideas. I get inspired by sometimes unexpected things, a single column, a sconce, whatever it might be...anyway new to blogworld (less than 2 months) hope you will visit my blog. Its about the building of our new home and my love for decor and design...right up your ally! I will be back here, please visit me.

michelle said...

Beautiful pictures and inspirations. Shutters, doors and windows are my favorite! And I am loving the chandi's more and more!

K&B by the Sea said...

I love them all! But I do have a bit of a thing for beautiful vintage crystal chandeliers :-) Love the vintage doors too :-)

sugarcreek said...

Loved the pic of the column - it just might inspire me to make a decision on my columns. Built two years ago, they seperate the front hall from the dining room. I want to replicate that aged, grey look. Any suggestions? debbie said...

I love your taste. The doors you installed are warm and homey and lovely. Makes me want to take a trip to my favorite salvage yard. I've always wanted doors just like that. Love your other pieces, too, and if I were closer, I'd beg for a tour to drool in person!

Unknown said...

Beautiful inspiration and great tips for adding that little special something.

{darlene} said...

I love strong, quality architecture. Love your dining room doors!
The mantle in our living room is from a 1790's home:
and the beams are from an old Amish barn in Lancaster, PA.
I love me some beautiful hand hewn beams!

A Vintage Vine said...

Great post! So many great ways to add charm! Love the change with the gray curtains in the other post too! You have great vision and style!

Shannon said...

Awesome ideas! Vintage goes so well with everything!

Maggiotto said...

Its inspiration like these uses that keep me trolling the salvage yards and yard sales in the Northeast. Many of my finds end up in my prints.

Anonymous said...

Great post and pretty photos! I linked this up to my project decorating post too, it's fantastic!

ARK said...

YOUR cabinet and doors were two of my favorites in this post...I LOOOVE them! I found you via inspire me heather :)

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