Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stone Houses

Beautiful Homes 2002

I have always had a love affair with stone houses.

Renovation Style 2007

Source unknown

I am not sure when my infatuation began but evidence can be easily found in the number of magazine pictures I have saved over the years.

Beautiful New Homes 2008

Traditional Home 2007

To me, stone houses exude a sense of permanence no matter what the size or age.

Beautiful Interiors 2006

They are timeless - looking as beautiful today as they did many years ago.

Beautiful Homes 2009

New Home 2007

Stone houses are at home in the country, the city and everywhere in between.

Beautiful New Homes 2007

They can be grand or humble – each house elegant in its own way.

Stone VIllage Historic Village, Vermont

Needless to say, the house of my dreams is made from stone.

Historic Phelps House

Do you have a favorite type or style of house? I would love to hear about your favorites!


Upscale Downhome said...

I love stone houses, too. In fact, I am lucky enough to live in one. (Not lucky when the winter heating bill arrives though!) I just posted a picture of my house on my blog yesterday. Check it out. The pictures you posted are wonderful and I definitely have to work at getting a better one of my home. Thank you for the inspiration!

vintage vine said...

I am loving the Tuscany stone looking houses lately....I agree stone houses seem so strong and permanent to me! Thanks for sharing all these great pics. said...

I swear I'm not copycatting -- my favorite house is any house done in stone. I truly think, besides the beauty I see in field stone, that they just feel so permanent, so home, to me. I'm with you. Maybe it's growing up in New England, I don't know.

Anne said...

Lovely houses! My favorite style of house is anything with cedar shingles.

Andrea said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous homes! I've always been attracted to stone homes, exuding French country charm. Love your new banner too!

lisaroyhandbags said...

We used to own an 1850 limestone home a few years ago and I loved it! It had a "summer kitchen" on the side that was freezing in the winter but the exposed stone walls in that kitchen were gorgeous. I've always love the Nantucket style of house too with its cedar shakes and clapboard. :)

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Me too...I love stone homes, always have, always will. I think all you said is right on!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I love all of these homes that you have shown, and would hate to have to pick a favorite from them. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Coming from Europe, i remember my first winter in Utah. I seriously was in a panic. NO way could a wood framed house stand up in the wind and cold... The strength, and solid feel of a brick home , nothing compares.
I look at some of these in Holland , build in the 14th. century. And still standing. So i totally agree with you. I love the "old" historic homes here in the States. Oh if the walls could talk!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I also love the look of stone houses but my favorite style is cape cod weathered shingle style. We visited Nantucket a few years ago and I fell in love with the homes.

InMyOwnStyle said...

I am wishing. Someday I will have a stone house and it will have a water view. Ahhh! That is my dream.
My best- Diane

Darlene said...

Great photos. I am a complete sucker for stone houses... that is why I have no money to decorate {hee hee}... I am too busy being "house poor." Owning a stone farmhouse has been my dream, and I pinch myself for the blessing. It IS a lot of work to own a historic home, isn't it??
I did a post on some stone homes too! Enjoy!!:
- {darlene}

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