Monday, September 27, 2010

Drapery Hardware Jackpot!

I feel like I won the lottery – well almost! In my search for curtain fabric and hardware for my newly painted (formerly red) room, I came across a terrific bargain at Calico Corners.

As most of you are probably aware, many Calico Corners stores no longer carry large bolts of fabric. They have small bolts from which samples can be cut but you can’t take yardage of fabric home – everything has to be ordered. Based on my recent visit, I am guessing they are applying this same philosophy to their drapery hardware selection as well.

In order to clear out inventory, my local CC store had all drapery hardware on sale for 75% off.

Yes, this included the Antique Drapery Rod Company products – one of my very favorite brands. If you are familiar with this company you know their products are beautiful but a bit on the pricey side.
2" Acanthus Ball Finial

Since I have four windows in my room, I figured there was no way I would find enough of everything to outfit each window. However, luck was with me and I was able to piece together four components of everything I needed to dress my windows at clearance prices except for two sets of finials and the curtain rings.

The pieces are the same but the finishes are not. Not a problem as my plan is to paint everything white – probably with a glaze to add some depth. When I am finished no one will know the difference!

So what was my total cost? For four sets of brackets, four fluted rods and four sets of acanthus ball finials I paid $160. This includes having to order two sets of finials at full price of $38 each. I have to say I was so elated to have saved about $300.

The next step is finalizing the curtain fabric. I have narrowed my choices down to two options and will share them with you soon. I also have a quick tutorial planned on how to hang drapery hardware.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That was a great buy, Stacy! I wonder if they mentioned it in the newsletter I deleted without reading today. I hope they know what they are doing not having all this stuff in the store. I know there are times I need something and I need it right then if it's hardware. As for the fabric, I can just get it at one of the discounted places online if I have to order it and wait.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You got a great deal. I agree with Kathy about not wanting to have to wait. I didn't know they were going this route.

Living It At Home said...

Your home is looking so good! You really made a great change! Great find at CC!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I've been really disappointed with the ADH hardware I installed in my own home. The paint flakes! BADLY! Just an FYI so that when you prep yours for painting, you have this in mind. My rods are about five years old I believe. They didn't flake immediately...maybe after a couple of years. And I wasn't fortunate to get them on sale...just the meager designer discount CC offers. So, prep carefully and congrats on your find!


Karen said...

I love the way the room turned out. What color did you say it was?


Red Door Home said...

Hi Karen -
I painted the walls Aria Ivory from Sherwin Williams.

Kristi said...

You got a GREAT deal!!! And the color on the walls is gorgeous!!!! Would this be the CC on Wolf rd??? you have me wanting to RUN there! LOL :)

Red Door Home said...

Yes! It is the CC on Wolf Rd. Although I have to say their selection of discounted draper hardware is very limited.

My Notting Hill said...

Love when that happens! What do you think about their new business model - I hope it works but I'm not sure...Also love your caned back sofa and the mirror in the room - beautiful.

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