Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabulous Fall Decorating

There has been some talk lately in the blogging world about fall and holiday decorating. Some people love it - others don't. Here are some pictures of a house that I have photographed before (Saratoga Style). I love what they have done - although over the top, I am sure for some.
Even though I, and most people, can not afford the volume of pumpkins and gourds shown here, there are some great take away ideas that we all can use. Keep your decorations natural - no plastic! Use a variety of materials - pumpkins, baskets, gourds, mums, cabbage, hay, and vines. Keep your decorating cohesive - every lamp post is done the same as are the displays lining the walkways and near the back gates. Decorate the entire house (if you can) - not just parts.
The walkway leading to the front of the house is lined on both sides.
Close up of the front walkway. Notice the jockey statue - a tradition in Saratoga Springs. Most are painted in the color of the owner's racing stable silks.
Looking inside the front gate. Look how big those pumpkins are!
Close up of one of several lamp posts surrounding the house. Notice the statue of the ballerina. I am sure she is a tribute to the New York City Ballet which is in residency here during the summer.
The front fence also is covered. If you look close you will see a horse statue in the background. This horse is one of several made by local artists which are on display through out Saratoga Springs. It is hard to tell from my picture but this is a chocolate horse with a gold foil wrapper. One of the ears has been "bitten" off.
Close up of the front fence. Love the hay hanging down and all the vines wrapping around the pumpkins and gourds.
The side gate also includes an abundance of decor.
Close up of the side gate including another jockey statue. This one is painted differently than the one at the front of the house - same colors, different silks pattern.
Finally - even the planters surrounding the house have smaller pumpkins. I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful house all decorated for fall. It is truly a treat to drive by and see. A big thank you to the homeowners for sharing their holiday spirit with all of us!

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Maria Killam said...

Wow that is an amazing house, so themed and everything!

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