Friday, February 28, 2014

Our New House – Outside Tour

I finally decided to put the paint brush down long enough to pull together the first of what I hope will be many posts on our new house.  We have been here for almost eight months and as you can imagine much has changed since we moved in this past summer.  Today I wanted to share pictures of what the outside of the house looked like when we moved in along with a few updates we have completed.  We saw lots of potential in this house but knew we were in for many years of updates and changes!

The house is in a great location and has an amazing yard, both front and back.  We loved the front yard with its mature trees, brick wall and classic white and black color scheme.   Even though we live in town, the yard still feels private and has plenty of room for outside playing and for an eventual garden.  It even has a secret courtyard!

Now for the dislikes – Besides the obviously way overgrown bushes, the landscaping along the front of the house was also a mess. It had ivy and vinca growing up under the clapboards and was a mish-mash of many different varieties of bushes, all lined up in a row and planted way too close to the house – there even was a small maple tree.

During the fall we pulled up the ivy, cut down all the large bushes and relocated many of the plantings to other locations on the property.  The little maple tree was planted near the lamp post closest to the house and we planted boxwoods on both sides of the front porch.  They are a bit small now and hard to see since they are covered in snow.  Hopefully they will grow quickly.  We have also purchased two new traditional looking white lamp posts and larger lights to replace the ones seen in the photos.   They will be installed in the spring once the ground thaws along with a few more bushes.  Future plans also include putting a copper roof on the front porch, but that will be a project for a few years from now.

The back yard is also spacious with large trees and a wonderful walled brick patio – it even has a lighted fountain although it currently is not in working order.  Mr. RDH thinks we should turn the fountain into a fire pit but I have always wanted a fountain so it is going to be a hard sell to get me to agree!

The small gardens surrounding the patio were all completely filled with just pachysandra – except for one lonely hydrangea. The pachysandra has been entirely removed and transplanted to other areas around the house.  We planted a row of hydrangea bushes along the house (right side in the above picture) and the small lower garden area was planted with a mix of boxwood, peonies and roses.  Unfortunately, I did not take photos so I am going to have to wait until the spring to show you what it looks like now.

When the previous owners added on a garage and master bedroom suite in the 1990’s, a two story breezeway was constructed to connect the original house to the addition.  This created a pretty back entrance as well as a place we are calling our “secret courtyard.”  You can see from the picture below, we removed the concrete pots and added boxwood and limelight hydrangeas.   I am hopeful they will all survive the winter!

On the back side of the breezeway is our secret courtyard.   It is the perfect little spot for a table and chairs. 

You will also notice it has a little red door for wood.  I was so thrilled when I saw it because now I still have a “Red Door Home.”

So there you have a brief tour of the outside of our new to us house.  I hope to be back soon with some inside pictures.  For now though, it is back to painting!


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful Stacy...I love all your pretty gardens!

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

wow- such impressive curb appeal. I hope after 8 months your beautiful house has already started to feel like your home.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very nice, Stacy! The grounds look like a park and what a great view into the yard. It sounds like you have a plan for your immediate changes and have done quite a bit already.

Leslie said...

Hi Stacy, Thank you for sharing this! Your home looks beautiful and I can just imagine what you've gone through to get to this point. We are moving and rebuilding an older home. We've owned the property for years and have decide to downsize and make the change. The home will be white and I have planned shutters as well.. great look.

leslie said...

Hi Stacy! Can't tell you how glad I am to have you back in the blog world. Your new house is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing what you do ;-)

Becca Ross said...

Your new home is beautiful! Love the little red door! That made me smile.


quiltsathome said...

Wow, i love your house !
In the Netherlands where i live we hardly know this type of house, so its a really 'American movie house' to me.
I admire also the furniture, how its chosen and fits so beautiful together.
Have a beautiful day, Patricia

Morgan said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful! So much character :)

Burlap Luxe said...

À home to lové

Thank you for the beauty you share.


Unknown said...

What an absolutely beautiful home and property! Lucky you! It looks heavenly. xo Nancy

Holly Gruszka said...

Hi Stacy! I was looking up adding trim to the leading edge of curtain panels and came across a post of yours so I had to click over to see what you've been up to. Congrats on your new house - it's beautiful! We moved last summer as well so it's been a work in progress for sure and still so much more to do. Looking forward to reading along and seeing your progress on your home.

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